Summer Day (2004)

You sit under the midday’s summer sky
A tranquil shade of baby’s blue
So soft you feel as if you could reach out and embrace it,
The sheer beauty gives a deep resonating effect
You would find no other place but deep inside your heart

But the spell is broken as a
Wave of heat rolls over you, as the sun emerges
Triumphantly over a mass of billowy cotton
A single drop of sweat drops off your temple
And descends through the air like a knife through
Butter and quickly dissolves into the cracked, dry earth

You yawn as the sun starts to sink lower and lower into
Pink-tinted sky and darkness starts to creep up like
An animal emerging from its den. A cycle that keeps
Repeating but is always beautiful no matter how many
Times you’ve witnessed it.

The leaves of the old and gnarled oak tree you sit under
Sway together in perfect unison from a breeze that
Originated on the cool crests of the ocean
And it all starts to fade, into submission, as you passively
Doze off. The last thing you hear before sleep takes
You, is the solitary buzz of a cicada before it peacefully
Dies. Nothing will last.

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