Dreamworld Day Rain

Mycelia of Misery

The times are changing
said Humpty
as he grappled me towards the edge.

No I will not be thrown
into the gap between the bed and the wall
hurled down to eternity

only for one minute he said to trick me
No it will be alright cried the Fruit Loops
Noo I said of Bogus the barfried

Mark drew closer and laid his big palms on me
He danced me to the edge
No terror blotted my eyes

Or I surely would have burst
To what end? I asked
And what beginning?

Down the crack appeared a gully
at its bottom was the skullbone of a cow
Two black raven feathers

I don’t want it!
It’s for you!
Mark tried to bash me over the head

With a glass tub
Brushed aside with my hand
time to go for a spin.

Our sides were reversed and
now his back Faced

No please whatever you do
He fell and fell and fell

Two feet to the floor of the bedroom
covered with dust bunnies
and old skin

Sayonara amigo
that’s the end of that
Partie Quatrieme

I went up the sacred mountain
to pick from the bushes
chlorine roses.

Came down gave one
to my mother
one to my father and the desert

And poured myself a big glass of limeade
Then I opened my wrists
with a cutting glance

My soul bloomed out of my body
like clusters of mushrooms
from a sodden log.


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