Trametes versicolor // Turkey Tail

The plentiful beauty:

FoundApril 7, 2018 in Huddart Park, C.A. growing on stumps, logs, branches and wetdecaying wood in shelves.

Fruiting Body2.5 cm from base to apex; flabellate;  hard at the center but softening outward; strongly zoned with colors of branch, chopped oak, caramel, drab green, olive, dark brown, poolfelt green, and white at the margin; zones of velvet alternating with bands of silk; flesh sturdy but pliant // bottom whitish-gray, 4-5 pores per millimeter.

Spore PrintDid not obtain.

Odor: That of a polypore: fragrant wood soaked with rum.

-I shut T. versicolor in the oven and let the pilot light dry it. I removed it after forty-five minutes and found that T. versicolor had stiffened without becoming brittle. I then placed T. versicolor in my blazer pocket, instantly making it the most breath-taking pocket square in existence.

-To run the tip of my thumb and index finger over alternating bands of silk and brown velvet is bliss.




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