Amanita velosa // Spring Amanita

A throwback to Menlo Park in April.

Screen Shot 2018-08-06 at 12.03.46 AM

Found: Midapril in Menlo Park, C.A. Growing in dappled sun and shade from rich, dark soil on the roadside…humicolous.

Pileus: 8-9cm wide; color warm beige to buff; surface glabrous, striate at margin, with apex covered by a large white patch; convex.

LamellaWhite, free, close.

Stipe: 8cm x 1.5 cm, white, peeling, fragmentary annulus colored as cap, with lower half (~4cm) enclosed by a large membranous volva; equal; volva buried in substrate.

Odornot distinctive.

Spore Printundetermined.

An esteemed edible I thought poisonous, rudely cast into a tangle of poison ivy.
-Astonishing balance of cold and warm colors: a portrait of the April morning sun.
-Amanita velosa, the music of your name passes into my heart.


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