An orange powdered face
Beneath crescent eyelids
Gently quivers
Above pushed words

Dun tresses in a blue cap
Tickets please
Sliding into her fingertips
Snip snip.

Rainbow wood: creeping yellow
Mold and white nets of mildew;
Soft thin pliant brown-white
Striped ears of flesh poking out

A world of grayblue
Yoked to the window,

Stained glass wall
Hee hee hih hee
Sissss tangtang tang


Blink of eyes: liquid hot
Drop of eyes.

Elbow kicks back
Elbow back in place
Nice tight black sweater on.


Warped and coiled
See them all
I am smeared across this
Line of air.

Things things things
Unwattled facts.

Knocking and tumbling
In the blue of my pupil
All there

Almost bunned,
Pushing down the top
Kneading through
Tight hair.


Fading, gone
Ocean breezes, along
Winding road, crooked, free
Branches on the trees

Hello face,
Hello eyes
Hello space
Hello time.

World past
A face in the mirror.


Fragment. Walk .3 miles
Ring 3L or call the
Captain. Find bar. Kill time.
Man hunched over rubs his temple.


Tenders voice rolling and falling
Knuckles on glass and easy spirit
Dim ruby glow from the back
Petals dark. Jacaranda, hyacinth.

Gleaming eyes
A picture
An eight page essay.


Vivid hallucinations
Preceding sleep
Andrew red eye blinking
Voyager listening.

Dark projected stars
On the wall
Dry languages
Of the world: limp race.

Outer space words
Your heart is a universe
Into a locked loft.


Wavering in and out
And wavering out and in
LI: slow, deliberate
Fresh, thumped up, books.


h. h. h. h. h. h.

She is one
For me
Work alone
Crack sordid past.

Agenbyte, inwit

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