Two Mushrooms on January 4, 2019

Schizophyllum commune

Found: On a log of oak, fused in shelves

Fruiting Body: 1.5cm, snow, fuzzy, small, gray at the margin (inrolled); flesh thin but very tough

Gills: white, protracted, well spaced, streaming to the tiny knob of the base

Taste: none, but chewy

-crush between your fingers
-stroke the parahairy cap
-wet then stroke the cap

Stereum striatum

Found: whirling around a branch

Fruiting body: 3cm; fan-shaped, spatula-shaped, heartshaped; creamy silky bands pushing in zones to hard copper-gold bands; flesh exquisitely thin and tough, margin gold

Underbody: creamy-buff, hard, soft, somewhat zoned


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