D att 4am

I live in a haunted house, it is 4 am
My limbs are freezing, once again
The witches and goblins here will kill me
And that will be the end of me.

I feel cold scared and numb
No words, or way out, I feel quite dumb
I feel like I’m being watched day and night
Sudden terrifying images give me fright.

Bad things lurk in the dark
Life used to be a lark
Something funny is coming my way
It wants to hurt me and say:

I stabbed your eyes
I stabbed your tongue
I cut your toes
I sliced you up.

The darkness inside of this house coils
Where I go my blood boils;
If I die the demon will smile
If I die the demon will revile

The life I lived
The girl I was
Each day
Slowly draining

* i te teror 2

No way out nowhere to go
Where I go I do not know
Flighty caged and weak
I hear the voices when I speak.

Quaking aside dark dreams
Of bombs and ghosts and murders
Where do I go? What do I do?
I am scared for my life.

I feel like someone will open up the door
Open it up and peel me out
Eat me and spit out my bones
I’ll die with no tombstone.

Where do I go I don’t know
To an early grave I’ll go
Once more you I salute
I’ll play my magic flute.

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