Mycelium of Rage

Found: December 13, 2018. Standing in the kitchen with no lights on behind her.

Head: Dark brown hair falling to her shoulders. Chin a pert bump on her face, eyes twinkling. “Did you use that toilet after the whole incident?”

Disposition: Wrathful. Aggravated. Frustrated. Pessimistic.

Tone: Whining, half-yell.


Head: Dark brown hair (long scissor cut on top, four on the sides), cheeks cold from my walk.

Disposition: Confused, indifferent, positive, surprised, empathetic.

Heard: You don’t care about anything.
Maybe you’ll start caring once you own your own home—if you get to that point.

Thoughts afterwards: I do nothing?
I care about nothing?
Focus on your mushroom.

Remembering: Why I left.


Found: Amanita oneiria. Growing out of a mesa.

Pileus: ~300 feet, white, umbonate, wavering margin, reminiscent of Inocybe albodisca. Smooth. Unornamented.

Gills: White, crowded, broad, free.

Stipe: 3-400 feet tall x 50 feet wide, colored as cap, membranous veil, smooth but firm.

-I blinked and the mushroom crumbled. Voices on the wind passed through my ears before fading into eternity.

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