Opening my eyes and moving my fingers after a series of visions I wrote:

Color me blind to the moon to the stars to the apes of
Green planet the famous place where they run and jump
To the stars and back on scooters of banana peels
Cycles of samsara. Endless suffering; endless joy. The
Swings swing me back and forth swinging like a swing band
Don’t know where I’m going, don’t know where I’ve been
I don’t know where I am going I am  lost again
A blue wave crashes on the shore
A wave crashes on the shore as buildings topple
Oh this oh this dream of rust unwinds me
I think I wore a polka dot skirt to bed
Slathered myself in lotions of metal and leaves
Stared into the eyes of passing cars
Trolls! Beware out here in ~nilbog~
O O O 噢! 噢!噢! It is
All coming apart. The landskyearth is
Melting on your lips, kiss.

Holdup holdup I’m not done drinking poison
I have snakes to wear and people to elongate
My bra strap to lap and a cool few dollars
To purchase watermelons to eat in the shade
With all of this pollution around me I
Am like the Tinman. Just look at my
Fingertips all silver from the pencil
Lead. H     A     M     B     U     R    G     E
R. It has been so long since I ate a
Proper han 堡. 😦 I want nothing more
Than to sink my teeth into a burger
Of mushrooms and think about a water
Shortage oh no! The building has fallen
Better luck next time all of you
Time to get my yoga on w/ the
Team. Today we’re cooking with Beef Cil
antro and that this here the bottom line.

*This lively portrait of my young mind belies the sagacity of my thought.

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