Impressions the Morning of October 17


  1. Bands of light illumine the clouds so faint and blurry words cannot paint them.
  2. When the pickup truck approaches the slender red-white gate lifts.
  3. A flock of blackbirds flies to another tree, the flock fraying in flight.
  4. The sound of the train passing blends with the sound of traffic passing, then hoots.
  5. The ballast makes a clink clink sound.
  6. On the corner of Gilette Avenue and Railroad street stands a green gothic house that reminds me of fireplaces.
  7. There are fewer mushrooms than three weeks ago.
  8. Halloween is near. Decorations lie on peoples’ yards, uninflated; replica spiders, tarantulas, run up trees.
  9. Palladian windows under vergeboards.
  10. A bird flies over the rainbow patch far away in the clouds.
  11. The tiles of the pine cone, resin-sticky and covered in white, spiral towards the bottom.
  12. Old BMW, form over body, new Jeep, unibody, brittle.
  13. Sorrow, for speaking that way to her.
  14. One moves closer and further to different parts of the clouds.
  15. I have found my last mushrooms of the year.

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