The Icicles of Aladra

I could not go behind him. You see, if I let the nickel fall out of my pocket it would not have damned us both. John plays harp at the Wendy’s, a mermaid bar where the waitresses play punk. Sometimes we come in from the cold and dark together and order two salivas.

That’s when they blow the whistles. The man came crashing through the world without his hands gone. Escalating we had no other choice but to call the animal control officer who responded with a crick in his voice:

                                                 —The time for calling or operating—
—But I love you I called from the bleachers.

Don’t you want
To ocean me
blue alone in
space and time

It also comes apart though we are young.
—Soon, soon, said the man with the neurons, you will know why I curled or plyed here when the night was thick, black and spotted with magenta.

Having no dog with spots the tender forced himself into the rope of the net even though he came with her in toe as sweet as petals blooming blooming blue when

I learned I was
A fallen flower
In a flowing river

Though Clarence and Lawrence and Cleavis and Sindy Mindy and Ralph swim home together I have slowly learned that it is best to dream the world without a shade of happiness breaking the surface even though you became the shadow melting in my eyelids past the universe.

When the sky rang out a song I could not see on the mountain top. I knew music played for every ear in civilization but it was more important for me to see the lichen pressing against the rocks which came through the snow you slip through like a soul that filtered into Buffalo Grass vodka as you drifted down the river to a place the city had named



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