Melting Sunlight

I remember the sorrow that seemed to drain out of my body and run alongside the road. My body the car flowed through a liquid yellow track touched with black like a Witch’s cap. The sorrow that seemed to build in me was like someone pulling water out of a vase. The sunlight, decaying, slanted over the road to Montauk. I drove on and on.

I cut my door shut near the fork. On the side of the highway I stepped towards the beach with madness and pain in my eyes. I stepped over the railing. Snow stuck to the beach. Tiles of ice drifted far out into the waters of the bay.

My feet crunched the snow. The hem of my pants fell into the snowfall, which melted from my body heat. Crunch crunch feet forward across the snow. I came to the edge of the beach where the snowfall thinned.

Sheets of ice went out into the bay. Starred, they uplifted mounds of snow. The mounds of snow reminded me of the way meteors crash together in a collision of stars.

The sun continues to slope downwards, apricot ball lowering towards the mountains. Amber light slants over the bay. As the sun sets the sky fades from yellow to a deep shade of blue. And as the sun begins to slide under the horizon it paints a pale rainbow of colors upward. I watch the colors flux one into the other. The cold air stings my cheeks.

I no longer feel sorrowful. Winter’s decay of lights bleeds into my skin. Yellow, sinking, blue and shattered lights.

When I drove away the last glimmer of sunlight set over the hill. The air flashed mauve and for a moment the cars barreling past me froze on the highway.

I opened the car door, stepped out, and began to walk around. The salt from the road kicked about in the air. I put one of the stones to my chest in time.

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