Moonlight in Blue

It was 8 o’clock when I stepped out of my home and into the night. Through the pine trees of the train tracks my eyes tracked the moonlight.

I walked out of the development; but it was not until I made it to the shady stretch of road adjacent to the park that I could observe the full light of the moon.

Leaning open the pages of my notebook, I craned my eyes to the moon. It shone above the darkened windows of the houses. Alone in deep blue night the amber splotches of the lamp and moon glowed.

My pen slowly crossed the paper: tonight Luna leaves her imprint—

As my pen neared the last two lines a car passed and in its wake a square of blue-silver light fell onto me. I felt the square illumine my body from night; someone’s eyesight in it reading me up and down, I continued to translate the moon.

As the last words slipped off of my pen I peered across the road. In the square of the window the light shining on me halved and faded like a receding wave. I stood in the original darkness of the spot once more.

I lifted my eyes back to the moon, looked down the sidewalk, and continued on my way.

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