Sketches 8.23

The tree in Northwood Court

The slender pole of the trunk, gray brown with white fingerprints, rises out of a crowd of black-eyed susans. The pole disappears amidst a cloud of celadon leaves. From base to apex the shady undersides of the leaves progressively brighten, with little streaks of red on the branches. The branches hook out from the trunk, in slender arms they hook out and up towards the sun. The branches spaced, the leaves seldom overlap. The lower leaves, stirred by a low breeze, bob up and down. Star shaped, they lift their left and right arms droop downwards while the bulk in their bodies puff up like hot air balloons. The topmost branch rises straight up amidst the bushier clumps, stirring on a gray cloud.

Head buried in the sky

I crane my neck into the pale blue. If my eyes could chisel the stone of the sky. White shreds of cotton drift slowly towards the bay. Beneath the white ply an airplane coasts along, with lights flashing on the tips of its wings, paint of the sun melting off the fuselage. And a humming bird, and a butterfly, bird and insect rhythm of wings swapped.

Opposite the sun and the pale blue darkens to a vivid teal. Upthrust on teal the leaves and needles rise. Under the sound of a low airplane crossing, phototropic green pigment rushes. A cloud, its edge covering part of the sun, darkens the lawn. A cool low breeze of later summer filters through the trees.

Indigo water

Blue silver ripples drift over the tops of the waves. Waves atop the waves the ripples of silver and blue spread apart, dissolve into a brown uplifting wave. Down the ripples drift, and cross one another like layers of clouds.

The water is indigo blue. From the plain of bay indigo waves, ribboning, lilt and drift to shore. Lifting rolling cuffs of blue they continue to drift in. But currents and ripples shift perpendicular to the baywaves’ thrust. Currents drift further out, into the blue black water of the center of the bay.

And shadows fallen from the wave’s dock pelt the water. The colorless forms rise up on each wave rolling in. And thrusts into the base of the dock, sending a flux of waters backward.

All of the bay is in blue motion. Pulling to shore, drifting further away, rebounding off the dock, all of the indigo water weaving a tapestry.

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