Craterellus fallax // Black Trumpets

Found: August 12, 2018 in damp humus under oak trees.

Description: The bodies of Craterellus fallax begin as skinny tubes with thin soft gray flesh; as they age and the tubes elongate, the topmost edges peel and unroll until the whole resembles a vase or, to the musician, a trombone’s bell and tube. Just inside the bell, on grey-orange skin, lay small gray black-tipped scales. Wrinkles run the gamut of the fruiting body, from which ochre-orange spores waft down. Black Trumpets have a sweet pale fragrance. They blend in with the forest floor.

-Some of the rubbery, curving tubes resemble marching tubas, sousaphones, that encircle the player’s waist like boa constrictors.

Black Trumpets

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