Portrait of the Sky


White masses of air encroach upon the seablue sky. Changing form, the margins curl and spiral, decay and dissolve.

From behind the sun illumines. The margins glow hot blinding yellow light. The mass slowly drifts from left to right.

The blazing yellow white sun burns out from veil of cloud. Pure yellow, white, orange, spikes of fire dance through sky to earth.

The air warmens to touch. All turns light. Surfaces brighten, the pill-shaped flies out with green skin, a saw chews wood.

Morning cracked out the torpor of dawn: the cicadas chime up; the tiles heat; clouds burn and dissolve.

Woodshadows net the tiles. The last shadows cast of morning.

The green of the lawn: the bell chimes sounding, groaning pug.

Da-ding, donng. Da dong, dring dong dong.

Sighways of cars. Ahhhhh.

Above all the ruthless summer sky: blue flecked with shards of yellow. Milky with burning white light.

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